Buckle your seat belts and keep all arms and legs inside the vehicle because we are launching the brand new Town & Country Insurance blog! I know, I know, this isn’t going to be the most adventurous, spontaneous thing you’ll ever read. BUT, it will be a wonderful resource with a wealth of easily accessible insurance information.

In order for you to care about what T&C Insurance has to say (not to mention trust us), I think we need to do some preliminary introductions.

It all began in 1963, when Glen Wisdom first founded the agency (then called “Wisdom, Your Insurance Man”). Dent County Bank owned the agency until 2000,when Town & Country Bank bought and renamed it. Today, we are, in short, a wholly owned subsidiary of Town & Country Bank and are primarily a Property and Casualty agency with a high percentage of commercial business customers. We have four total locations to serve our communities.

Our original location is in Salem, Missouri; this has been home to Mike Elliot since 1991, Sarah Edwards since 2003, Laura St. John since 1995, and Danielle Kissir since 2017. In 2008, another branch was opened in one of the Rolla T&C Banks, with the Salem agents serving these customers. 2013 rolled around and Town & Country decided to purchase Hagler Insurance Agency in Licking Missouri, retaining Jim Hagler, Brenda Link, and Julia Ramsey as agents. But we just kept growing, and in 2018 our newest branch was opened in Mountain Grove with Ryne Armstrong and Glenna Leckenby holding down the fort. Each location has their own set of wonderful, local independent insurance agents who are more than ready and willing to help any customer in need; more information about their particular fields of expertise and skills is available on our website.

We are proud of our place in small town Missouri, where individuals are served and valued as the individuals they are. One size does not fit all in our eyes—every customer comes with a unique situation, and we constantly work to create Simple, Smart Solutions for a wide range of insurance risks (from personal to business, we’ve got your insurance needs covered!).

Yeah, yeah, we get it—you’re passionate about your community—We certainly are!—but why start a blog, of all things?

Excellent question, unnamed skeptic #1. Beyond just establishing a place for easily accessible information, we want to stay relevant in the modern marketplace. Sure, there are people in our rural towns that will never ever see this blog because they prefer more traditional means of communication. Missouri is not exclusive to those people though; are also lots of people in our communities who might find a blog much easier, faster, and more convenient overall. Like I said before, we don’t believe one size fits all. We want to maintain our small town Missouri values and our passion for the community by taking advantage of any tool that can make our products more accessible. So far, we’ve launched a website, a mobile app, an office text line, and now we have this blog!

Pretty snazzy, right?

Julia Ramsey, Jim Hagler, and Brenda Link (Licking)
Ryne Armstrong and Glenna Leckenby (Mountain Grove)
Mike Elliott, Danielle Kissir, Laura St. John, Sarah Edwards (Salem & Rolla)

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